New players will do well to think primarily on 4 categories of things in the Market Glory environment (mind you, the 4th item is a big one)

1. Player attributes (your wellness, productivity, earnings, cash on hand, etc)
2. Resources (food, clothing, shelter, then other items like books, companies, etc)
3. Currency - local currency, Gold and Euro

4. Everything else! (will be covered on other pages)

Basically, brand new players will be concerned only with 1, 2, and 3, for possibly up to a week into the game/simulator, so this page is for beginners! 4 - everything else is for looking at long term details of the game, including the players around you, markets, companies, currency exchange rates, etc - important, definitely - but not "first step details."

When you arrive as a new player in the game you will have NOTHING.


Seriously. (unless you invest immediately but why would you do that if you don't already know how to play the game well? I strongly advise against investing before your first week is finished).

Player attributes:
Energy (wellness), productivity (worker value), available currency, experience, knowledge, etc.
  • You'll start out with 1.0 Energy
  • You'll start out with 0.0 money
  • You'll start out with 0.0 Productivity
  • You'll start out with 0.0 Knowledge

All you've got going for you in the beginning is having that 1.0 score of Energy

Productivity is actually a combined score based on:

Energy x Experience x Knowledge = Productivity

Things sound bleak at this stage - in the beginning of the game - but really - there's nowhere to go but UP! I mean this seriously. Show up, work each day and things will get better. The only way you can really do extremely badly and not advance (even if it's to advance very slowly) is to not show up on a daily basis and work.

Each day that you work, you'll increase your Productivity score, so the next day, your value as a worker will be a little more than the day before (unless you stop logging in and increasing this daily).

The amount of money you'll earn each day goes up a little as your productivity level increases. Log in daily, WORK every day - FIGHT if you're able to when you're not working (this increases your money earned, too - but watch out 'cos it can decrease your energy).

When you fight and win, you'll earn what is called a "referral" (in other similar games, this token position is usually called a "slave"). Your referral's activities will give you small bonuses, according to your energy and productivity levels. You can also chose to sell your referrals for Gold currency.

*Note, you'll also get referrals from sending your link around and having people join the environment from your link. You get bonuses for their activity too, but these are a different kind of referral you may not want to sell - click around in the game and learn the difference between your referrals gained from fights and your referrals gained as real-life referrals into the environment (permanent referrals).

There is a limit of 10 fights per day. After each fight, from the time you enter and attack a potential referral, there is a ten minute cool-down timer that runs. You cannot fight an additional player at this time (hey, fair's fair, right?).

Here's the scoop:

At the start when you're a new player, things don't look very good and it seems like you're in an awful situation to begin with. I won't get all touchy-feely here or attempt to lie to you just to make you feel better... you WILL BE IN a pretty rough situation at the start... however - we ALL START OUT LIKE THIS!

In my humble opinion, the game is THIS HARD at the beginning to weed out those players who would show up thinking to make a fast buck and run/close out their account in the game. I'm GLAD the beginning stages are as tough as they are because I want this environment to be online for a good long while!


The following is how most beginner weeks look in practice, per day:

  • Sign up. 
  • Log in. 
  • Work. 
  • Read the message boards/forum. 
  • Fight. 
  • Learn the rules. 
  • Save money. 
  • Fight some more. 
  • Read what other players have said about their experiences (again - forum). 
  • Fight
  • Sell a referral after a fight. 
  • Interact with other players. 
  • Fight again. 
  • Read some more. 
  • Log out.
  • Return the next day and do it all over again.

After a week, you'll have to start considering the #4 (Everything else) Category involved in Market Glory - information which is on a new page here.

Enjoy the Market Glory environment!


The above details are about as comprehensive as I found I could get for telling new players about this game/simulator environment - without flooding a new player with an overwhelming bunch of information. What is on this page will only get you started. There are some missing bits that are really important for game play and for going beyond the first week - or are important after only 3-4 days if you've landed in a decent country in the simulator for your starting point.


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